Taking the King's Shilling - Part 1

"You can't stop Captain Sharpe, sir. You can walk away from him or you can stand behind him, but don't ever try and get in his way"

It was my dear Mother who, when I was 13 years old, bought me a copy of Sharpe’s Rifles, that was a good 22 years ago now. I devoured the book and several others, then moved onto the TV show!

At the same time Games Workshop opened a store in my hometown of Basingstoke and that was me done for, here I am, still painting and playing with toy soldiers, about to start my Sharp Practice journey!

I have played a good number of fantasy, science fiction and historical games but have never tackled Napoleonics. The size of the games and the bright bold uniforms always made other more olive drab or armoured periods of history easier to access.

Then along came Sharp Practice and Rich’s appearance on Beast of War. I was only vaguely aware of the game before this video hit YouTube, so seeing the ease of play and the fact that it required far fewer models than expected WHILE keeping the feel of the period was something the spoke to me!

Several friends had also seen the videos and were very interested, so a new project was born...

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