Welcome to Rokugan, the "Emerald Empire"

Emerald Empire is a set of rules modifications and unit cards for Test of Honour, that allow you to play out miniature battles set in the world of Legend of the Five Rings.

Free downloads for the various cards and rules additions needed to play Emerald Empire.

The official Test of Honour rulebook, miniatures and accessories can be purchased here. You will need them to be able to use the Emerald Empire content.

Emerald Empire Downloads


A5 Rulebook

Test of Honour is already a fabulous set of rules so the tweaks provided here just attempt to add a bit of L5R flavour and theme without distracting from the great mechanics already in place.

Printer Friendly Rules


Warriors and Mercenaries

The armies of the great clans are filled with loyal ashigaru and noble samurai. Every clan trains and retains soldiers to some degree, and many clans will also spend their koku to hire mercenary troops when needed.


The Lion Clan

The Lion Clan is known for its rigid discipline and respect for tradition. They hold the warrior’s code of bushido above all things. Money and sorcery are toys, for honour can only come from the courage shown in battle.


Unexpected Allies

Samurai and warriors from all walks of life wander the dusty roads of Rokugan. Fate will bring them to the aid of strangers, or lead them to take up arms against the villainous wretched of the world... 


A4 Quick Reference Sheet

All the important new traits, tables and actions in one handy reference sheet to use alongside the official Test of Honour Quick Reference Sheet found here.

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A4 Quick Reference Sheet


The Crab Clan

The Crab Clan serve as the Defenders of the Empire. They spend their lives upon the Carpenter Wall, standing vigilant along the southwestern border of Rokugan to defend against the next attack from the Shadowlands.


The Phoenix Clan

Of all the Clans, the Phoenix best understand the mysteries of the Five Rings. Their Shugenja are the most powerful in Rokugan. They prefer peace and solitude to the madness of war and will do what they can to bring the violence to an end.


Cavalry Reserves

When the Unicorn Clan returned to Rokugan they brought with them mighty warhorses that  proved far superior to the typical Rokugani pony. The Unicorn fight largely from horseback, and slowly the other great clans are realising the power of mounted troops.

activation deck.png

Activation Cards

The core game of Test of Honour draws tokens from a container for initiative. Emerald Empire replaces Fate tokens with the Elemental Ring tokens. This is a simple deck you can use in place of 'tokens in a container'.


The Crane Clan

Their ambassadors are in every court, their merchants in every city. They are not masters of war or magic, but their skill in the civilised arts is unmatched by any. No Clan can claim the wealth and prestige of the Crane.


The Scorpion Clan

A clan of spies, manipulators, and assassins who value loyalty and duty and for whom the ends justify the means. The samurai of the Scorpion Clan understand that by dirtying their hands, they ensure no others need do so.


Shugenja and Invocations

Shugenja speak with and invoke the powers of the elemental kami, spirits that reside in all things. The power to commune with the elements is a rare gift and the great clans jealously guard heir secrets.

fate cards.png

Fate Cards

Your warriors will be trained with Kata, Shuji, Ninjutsu and all manner of tricks, skills and weapons...

Air Fate Cards

Earth Fate Cards

Fire Fate Cards

Void Fate Cards

Water Fate Cards


The Dragon Clan

Weaving steel and sorcery into a mighty force, The Dragon Clan is the most versatile in battle. With their secret rituals and ancient magic, they are an enigma to the other Clans. Isolated in their lands, they avoid the politics of Rokugan.


The Unicorn Clan

The Unicorn Clan left Rokugan shortly after the founding of the Empire. Their duty was to seek out and deal with threats from beyond the boarders. They roamed the world for eight centuries before returning to an Empire that had forgotten them...

Much of the artwork and IP used in Emerald Empire is done so without permission. No challenge to the owners trademark or copyright status is intended.


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